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Fastener washers are essential components of adhering other fasteners, like nuts and bolts, to materials. Their primary purpose is to evenly distribute the load of the fasteners to prevent them from digging into the fastened material. Softer materials like wood or aluminum especially necessitate the use of washers for fastener applications. Washers are typically made from stainless steel but are also made from other metals like aluminum or iron. They are available in all types of materials, grades, and finishes. NABCO offers washers including flat, structural, square, and countersunk. 

NABCO: Your Trusted Distributor of Industrial Fastener Washers

With over 30 years of experience, NABCO is a qualified distributor of industrial fasteners and equipment. Our cost-effective tooling options are sure to satisfy all your project requirements. Stop by our store in Oakwood, Georgia, contact us with any questions, or request a quote today to get started!

Structural Washers

Ensure robust connections with our structural washers. These washers are designed to provide additional strength and support in heavy-duty applications, making them an essential component for structural integrity.

Flat Washers

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of flat washers. These washers distribute loads evenly, preventing damage to surfaces and ensuring a secure fastening in a wide range of applications.

Flat Washers (thru Hardened)

When hardness and durability are paramount, our flat washers with through hardening are the ideal choice. These washers offer enhanced strength and resilience in demanding environments.

Flat Washers (stainless)

Combine corrosion resistance with reliable fastening using our stainless flat washers. These washers are designed to withstand harsh environments, providing long-lasting performance.

Lock Washers

Prevent loosening and maintain tight connections with our lock washers. These washers are engineered to add an extra layer of security, ensuring stability in dynamic and vibrating conditions.

Split Lock Washers (stainless)

Experience corrosion-resistant locking solutions with our stainless split lock washers. These washers provide a reliable grip, even in challenging environments, offering peace of mind in your fastening applications.

Round Plate Washers

Achieve stability and load distribution with our round plate washers. These washers are designed to provide a larger bearing surface, reducing the risk of material damage.

Round Malleable Washer

For applications requiring flexibility and deformation resistance, our round malleable washers are the perfect choice. These washers adapt to varying loads, ensuring a secure and enduring fastening solution.

Square Washers

Enhance stability and prevent rotation with our square washers. These washers provide a unique shape for applications where a square profile is preferred.

Countersunk Finishing Washers

Add a polished finish to your fastening solutions with our countersunk finishing washers. These washers provide a smooth and aesthetically pleasing look while maintaining functionality.

Shear Plate Washer

Experience enhanced load distribution and support with our shear plate washers. These washers are specifically designed to resist shear forces, providing stability in demanding applications.

Nylon Washer

Protect surfaces and reduce friction with our nylon washers. These washers offer insulation, vibration resistance, and corrosion-free performance, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Vendor Managed Inventory Services

Always have exactly what you need with NABCO’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services. Our superior VMI services are designed to monitor your inventory and proactively restock products, allowing you to devote your efforts to other business activities. Increase your savings, streamline orders, and upgrade your overall production efforts with the help of VMI. As Georgia’s leader in industrial supply, NABCO offers unparalleled VMI services to assist you with all inventory management needs. 
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