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Anchor fasteners secure mechanical components to solid materials like walls or concrete. They are made from high-strength materials like stainless steel or zinc-coated steel, which maintains their hold in concrete. Anchor bolts are twisted into premade holes in the base material, expanding and gripping the material with extreme strength. From sleeve anchors to lag screws to eye couplings, NABCO stocks a vast inventory of anchor bolts for a variety of industrial applications. 

NABCO: Your Trusted Distributor of Industrial Anchors for Northern Georgia

With over 30 years of experience, NABCO is a qualified distributor of industrial fasteners and equipment. Our cost-effective tooling options are sure to satisfy all your project requirements. Stop by our store in Oakwood, Georgia, contact us with any questions, or request a quote today to get started! 

Nabco Industrial Supply Carries a Diverse Range of Anchor Solutions:

Nabco is your go-to source for a wide array of anchors, each tailored to specific applications and requirements. Our extensive inventory includes various types of anchors designed for different materials and applications, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your fastening needs.

Concrete Anchors:

Choose from our selection of concrete anchors, specifically engineered for secure fastening into concrete surfaces. Whether you need wedge anchors for heavy-duty applications or drop-in anchors for precise installation, Nabco has you covered.

Wedge Anchors:

Ideal for concrete applications, wedge anchors provide reliable and strong fastening. Nabco offers a range of sizes and materials to ensure compatibility with your specific project requirements.

Sleeve Anchors:

For versatile and reliable fastening into masonry and concrete, explore our sleeve anchors. Available in various lengths and materials, these anchors provide a robust solution for your anchoring needs.

Conical Plastic Anchors:

Discover conical plastic anchors designed for use in drywall and other hollow materials. These anchors provide a stable base for screws, ensuring a secure hold in lighter applications.

Drop-In Anchors:

When precision is crucial, Nabco's drop-in anchors are the solution. These anchors are designed for flush mounting in concrete, providing a reliable and aesthetically pleasing fastening solution.

E Z Anchor:

For a hassle-free installation experience, consider our E Z anchors. These anchors are designed for quick and easy mounting in various materials, offering convenience without compromising on performance.

Expansion Shield Anchor:

Explore our expansion shield anchors, providing a reliable and secure fastening solution for a range of materials. These anchors are suitable for both light and heavy-duty applications.

Eye Couplings:

Nabco offers a selection of eye couplings for versatile anchoring solutions. Choose from various sizes and materials to meet your specific project requirements.

Hammer Drive Anchors:

When a hammer-driven solution is needed, our hammer drive anchors provide a reliable choice. These anchors are suitable for a variety of materials and applications.

Hollow Wall Anchors:

Securely fasten objects to hollow walls with our range of hollow wall anchors. These anchors provide stability and support in applications where traditional anchors may not be suitable.

Lag Screw Shield:

For anchoring in wood or other soft materials, consider our lag screw shields. These anchors offer a strong and durable solution for a variety of fastening needs.

Machine Screw Anchors:

When precision and stability are paramount, our machine screw anchors deliver. These anchors are designed for use in a variety of materials, ensuring a secure hold for your fasteners.

Mungo Products:

Explore Nabco's selection of Mungo products, offering innovative and reliable anchoring solutions for various applications.

Nylon Nail Anchor:

Ideal for fastening in softer materials, our nylon nail anchors provide a secure and durable solution. Choose from various sizes to match your project requirements.

Toggle Wing:

Nabco's toggle wing anchors offer a versatile solution for fastening in hollow walls and ceilings. These anchors provide stability and support for a range of applications.

U Drive:

For a straightforward and reliable anchoring solution, consider our U drive anchors. These anchors are suitable for various materials and provide a strong hold.

Wood Screw Anchors:

Securely fasten objects to wood with our wood screw anchors. These anchors offer stability and durability in wood applications, ensuring a reliable connection.

With Nabco's diverse range of anchors, you can trust that your fastening needs will be met with precision and reliability.

Vendor Managed Inventory Services

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services from NABCO are designed to supply you with exactly what you need. VMI services place all responsibility for monitoring your stock of products on the vendor, not you. NABCO takes a proactive role in managing your inventory to ensure all products remain stocked and prepared. As Georgia’s leading expert on industrial tooling, NABCO offers VMI services to increase your savings, minimize stockouts, and enhance the productivity of your core business activities. Leave your inventory management in the hands of professionals, so you can devote your time to your operations.
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