Industrial Socket Head Cap Screws

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Socket head cap screws utilize a hexagonal socket head design for easy installation and removal in mechanical and fastening applications. NABCO Industrial Supply is in-stock and ready to ship on a full line of imperial and metric socket cap screws. Our socket screws are threaded to varying lengths, including all-thread socket screws depending on your application needs, and all our socket head cap screws are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Our comprehensive supply of socket head cap screws allows us to quickly ship high-volume fastener product orders within 2 business days or sooner. Our kitting options make first-time and repeat ordering processes easy and ensure that you get the socket head cap screws and fastener products that you need on time.

Contact a NABCO representative online for more information regarding our socket head cap screws and additional fastener products.

High-Quality Socket Screw Products

NABCO Industrial Supply is a trusted supplier of durable socket head cap screws, including the Brighton Best line of socket screws. With over 31 years of experience, we are confident that we can find a solution to meet your specific industry requirements.

Industrial Socket Head Cap Screw Applications

Socket head cap screws feature a round cap with a hex head and are threaded with a uniform, straight diameter. They can be tightened with a socket wrench drive. They can withstand a significant amount of torque which ensures a tighter hold compared to standard screws, and can be paired with a washer to expand the tension applied to the surface on which the socket screw is tightened. Because the socket head extrudes above the surface, they are ideal for applications in which significant torque is required and the screw cap can be easily accessible. Industrial and commercial applications include furniture, machine tools, automotives and machine assembly for removable panels and parts.

Socket Head Cap Screw Benefits

In addition to their significant tension and a wide variety of styles, socket head cap screws feature unique benefits and features, including:

  • External threading
  • Easy to install & remove
  • Imperial & metric sizes
  • Easy to locate
  • Can be driven with Allen wrench or hex keys
  • Bucket and flat head variations

Socket Head Cap Screw Material & Finishes

NABCO Industrial Supply offers socket head cap screws in a number of durable materials such as stainless steel, stainless steel 316, thermal black oxide alloy and more. Our finishing options include but are not limited to:

  • Plain
  • Black oxide
  • Zinc
  • Hot dipped galvanized (HDG)

Vendor Managed Inventory Services

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services from NABCO are designed to supply you with exactly what you need. VMI services place all responsibility for monitoring your stock of products on the vendor, not you. NABCO takes a proactive role in managing your inventory to ensure all products remain stocked and prepared. As Georgia’s leading expert on industrial tooling, NABCO offers VMI services to increase your savings, minimize stockouts, and enhance the productivity of your core business activities. Leave your inventory management in the hands of professionals, so you can devote your time to your operations.

Why Choose NABCO for Industrial Socket Screws

NABCO is a proud minority-owned business with over 31 years of industry expertise. Our extensive product offering and knowledgeable staff ensure accurate orders and quick shipping times on both low and high-volume orders. We offer bundling options for customized orders designed to meet your specifications. We can supply socket head cap screws in a variety of materials from Grade 8 steel to stainless steel to zinc. Our in-house warehouse machining capabilities allow us to add threads, edges, and additional customizations to your products. We are a trusted distributor of the Brighton Best line of socket head caps screws, and we utilize 16 North American shipping locations, allowing us to deliver your fasteners sooner than our competitors.

Contact NABCO for Your Socket Screw Needs

We are ready to fulfill socket head and fastener orders of all sizes. Contact us today and let us get started on finding a solution to meet your needs.