Flange Bolts

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  • Flange Screws
Flange bolts or screws are threaded fasteners which feature specialty heads and serrations for reinforced strength. The heads feature flanges with notches beneath, which provide extra grip strength and rotation resistance for intense applications. NABCO supplies flange bolts in a variety of sizes, finishes, and styles for various industrial uses.

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Applications & Benefits of Flange Bolts

Flange bolts are named for their flange-shaped heads, which feature numerous serrations along the bottom side. These serrations grip a variety of metals, preventing rotation or loosening. The flange head replaces the need for a washer, incorporating the vibration-resistant properties of lock washers or lock nuts into the bolt itself. Additionally, the flange head increases the surface coverage of the fastener, offering greater load-bearing properties and a reinforced hold. 

Vendor Managed Inventory Services

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services from NABCO are designed to supply you with exactly what you need. VMI services place all responsibility for monitoring your stock of products on the vendor, not you. NABCO takes a proactive role in managing your inventory to ensure all products remain stocked and prepared. As Georgia’s leading expert on industrial tooling, NABCO offers VMI services to increase your savings, minimize stockouts, and enhance the productivity of your core business activities. Leave your inventory management in the hands of professionals, so you can devote your time to your operations.

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NABCO is a leading distributor of bolts, tools, and other industrial products to assist clients across virtually all industries. Our VMI services are designed to ensure your inventory is consistently stocked to support seamless operations. Our custom kitting capabilities are tailored directly to your needs to ensure you receive precisely what you need to succeed.

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