Toggle Bolts

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Toggle bolts, also known as butterfly anchors, are specialty fasteners used for installations on drywall materials. They feature a threaded bolt shaft and a corresponding winged anchor, which helps brace against the wall and spread the weight of the application over a large surface area. NABCO offers toggle bolts in various lengths for your individual needs.

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Applications & Benefits of Toggle Bolts

Toggle bolts are equipped with a butterfly anchor, composed of two “wings," creating a secure anchor point against the fastened material. As the bolt is tightened, the wings are pulled against the material, distributing the load across the surface and preventing dislodging or loosening of the bolt. Toggle bolts are commonly used in drywall or hollow materials where no solid structure is evident. The strength of the toggle bolt wings allows heavy objects such as mirrors, shelves, or cabinets to be hung on drywall easily and securely.

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