Rigid Shaft Coupling & Shaft Adapters

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Stafford Rigid Shaft Couplings and Shaft Adapters are designed to join shafts of different sizes and configurations, extend shafts, and provide different mating options.

Allowing drive system modifications without the need for major redesigns, welding, and replacement shafts, they are available in a variety of configurations made from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

Suitable for use with pumps, mixers, packaging machinery, conveyors, and related equipment, Stafford Rigid Shaft Couplings are available in one-, two-, and three-piece designs with or without keyways.

  • Modify drive systems without major redesigns, welding or replacement shafts.
  • Offered in steel, stainless steels and aluminum.
  • Standard and custom designs available.

The Shaft Adapters are offered in step-up and step-down configurations with or without keyways and shaft extensions can be round, square, hex, D, tapered.

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